Goals for now:


– Use an existing responsive web design theme/template ready for mobile, tablet, and desktop, to expedite/finish the new website by Scope, use the style guide from “Archive”

– Maybe use an existing websites’ layouts as reference for our new web design layouts for product’s page. Example

– Add “wishlist/favorite,” “my account,” “search,” “shopping cart” icons next to the navigation menu. Does the existing template come with icons already made for these? If not, then we can create our own or grab from the Canva mock-up.

– Include a “search bar” on every page

– Add an age verification popup before entering the new website

– Use astronaut spacesuit logo as new website’s favicon

– Focus on contents

– Make sure all the transferred products/shop work

– Figure out departments/categories

– Add Woo-Commerce extensions (shipping, taxes, etc.)

– Finalize what we want on the new website (examples: shop, artists, glossary, warranty, packing/shipping, my account, favorite or wish list, etc.)

What we want to build out later in the near future:


– Adjust and focus on the design/layouts more

– Add more sections (examples: artist highlights, blogs, reactions, product descriptions, tags/keywords, quick shop, Artist List (Supplier ID from Lightspeed, etc.)

– Cleanup inventory duplicates/inactive items pre/post transfer – ask CJ for options

– Difficulty in adding new desired content to the new website? (redo or an addition)

– Should we have the Scope pages (150 pages with QR codes, images, and text copy) be part of our website under events or should it be a separate website we link to?