Collection: Alex Ubatuba

A leading artist in his industry with over 20 years of experience, Alex started developing the base of his glass art techniques in 2000. Over the years, Alex has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, Corning Museum, Penland School of Crafts, and the Pittsburgh Center of Glass. In addition to his formal education, Alex has traveled around the country, learning from various skilled artists through collaboration. In addition to displaying his work at local art fairs and festivals, Alex has exhibited at Art Basel, Art Prize, Burning Man, Illuzion Glass Gallery (solo work release), and internationally in Costa Rica.

His borosilicate sculptures are inspired by deep-sea corals, bioluminescent creatures, and extraterrestrial life’s potential on distant planets. The possibility of extraterrestrial life evokes a calming and meditative environment within his work. The Living Light Sculptures blend aspects of traditional hot glass and scientific glass techniques into a hybridized style of flameworking to create imaginative forms out of borosilicate. The lack of collective knowledge around assembling boro glass on this large scale results in an unpredictable, dangerous, laborious, and highly technical process. Alex’s installations test the boundaries of borosilicate glass to a truly unprecedented degree, and his relentless approach to his work ensures that further experimentation and development in his projects are constantly imminent. Alex Ubatuba is an artist whose future potential knows no bounds and whose progression as an artist continues to challenge what many have thought is possible within his medium.

Past Events:

Artist Stylie x Alex Ubatuba 2022

Alex Ubatuba 2022 Release