Collection: Algae Glass (Alex Gambone)

Currently known best for his intricate “brainy patterns,” Algae (Alex Gambone) had a fascination with building, constructing, and creating from a young age. The start of his glass-blowing career was fueled by his passion seeking freedom to try new things– both in life and in glassblowing technique. In 2008, Algae began taking his first glass-blowing classes at East Falls Glassworks in Philadelphia, PA, and later on at Corning Museum of Glass. He felt drawn to reticello patterns, wig-wags, and murrine, particularly millefiori. It was his love for the feeling of squiggling the glass cane onto the glass that led to his signature style: “brainy patterns” in different unique forms and shapes. His art aims to stimulate his viewers with each new work. Algae currently lives and works in Huntington Beach, California.